50×50 Win – Go Tubing

I may have been one of the only people in the state who hadn’t been tubing before, but on July 27 I was finally able to cross that dream off my list!

Tubing on the New River

Twelve years ago when we moved to North Carolina, I made a list of mountain adventures I wanted to have. I have always wanted to live in the mountains, so naturally I figured living so close (within three hours) would mean that we would go all the time and check everything off my list pretty quickly.

Except, we only made it to the mountains twice. For a long time it was due to financial limitations, but then not spending money on vacations became a habit and I just didn’t prioritize it.

Jorden turned 21 in July (which doesn’t make me feel old at all), and what she wanted for her birthday was a trip to the mountains. I’d like to think I would have planned a trip anyway, but this gave me a great excuse to cash out my travel fund and make hotel reservations.

It was a quick trip – we arrived in Boone on Wednesday and headed home on Friday – because she could only get three days off work. We initially tried to go tubing on Wednesday afternoon because the weather forecast promised rain almost the entire time we were there. Unfortunately, we missed the last shuttle, so we decided to go first thing on Thursday before the rain rolled in.

On the way to the outpost, we drove through a quick thunderstorm, but by the time we got there the rain had stopped. It turned out to be perfect tubing weather, overcast and not too hot, and our two hour float was absolutely perfect.

We used High Mountain Expeditions, and we will definitely use them again! We are already planning a white water rafting adventure with them in 2018. I just love their two dogs in a raft logo!

High Mountain Expeditions Tubing Trip

It was so fun I was left wondering why the hell it took me so long to do this and why we hadn’t been spending every free weekend in the mountains. We will definitely be making regular trips back. In fact, if Jordan gets accepted into Appalachian State, we may be moving there next year!

50×50 Success Story #2

Ever since I got my JEEP, I’ve been casually checking out used RVs. Meaning, when I’m bored I jump on Craigslist and see what’s out there (even though pretty much everything road-worthy is out of my price range) and dream about traveling.

Well, last week, I stumbled across the perfect camper: it is absolutely adorable, affordable, and maybe best of all…the perfect Pinterest project!

We are going to work on it over the next few months, take her on some test runs over the summer, and hopefully hit the road long term in the fall.

Meet Lucille, our vintage “canned ham” 1961 Mallard:


She’s not much inside…yet…but I can’t wait to get started making her into our home away from home. Project updates to come!

50×50 Success Story #1


When I was 14, my parents took my sister and I on a cross country trip in a 25′ RV. At the time, the thought of spending six weeks crammed in a small space with my parents was about the worst thing I could imagine. As it turned out, those are some of the best memories I have and I dreamed for years of taking my kids on the same kind of trip.

Although two of my kids are older now and living their own lives (and will barely agree to share a hotel room with me due to my alleged snoring issues), I would still love to get a pop-up or small tow-along and go exploring with the one kid still willing to put up with me in such close quarters.

I wasn’t really in the market for a new vehicle, but as it so happened, my daughter and I were in a series of car accidents that left both of our cars totaled. With the paltry insurance proceeds, my mad negotiating skillz, and some good luck, we were able to replace both cars within our tiny budget, and I got my dream car – a Jeep Grand Cherokee. She is a ’99 and a little rough around the edges, but it only makes me love her more.

I can’t wait for the many adventures we are going to have together!